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Your first hour is free; after that, it's $60 (AUD) per hour.

You can check out my youtube channel to see my teaching style.

How online maths tutoring works

I use Skype, Google Hangouts, or plain old phone calls for the audio, and use an online whiteboard page so you can see what I'm writing/drawing, and you can draw on the page too. When my students need to show me something, they snap a photo or screenshot and send it to me via Skype or email.

I used to do all my tutoring in person but I switched my students over to online tutoring in 2017, and everyone's found it to be just as good. Recently, one of my students got 100% in a test and was moved up to the harder maths class, and another got an 85% up from 46% just a couple months ago, before she started sessions with me. It's amazing how much weekly tutoring sessions help.

Payments can be made through paypal or bank transfer.

About me

I've always had a passion for mathematics, particularly the problem-solving side of it. I like to make sure my students deeply understand the material, and know why everything works. I've been tutoring in NSW for several years.

I have a degree in physics with first class honours from UWA. I attended several after-school mathematics enrichment programs, including the UWA academy for young mathematicians, Dr Norm Hoffman's classes, and the National Mathematics Summer School. I got the top marks in maths in my school in year 12, and in my uni in first and second year, and in physics in second and third year.

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