7.1.2 Handwriting

In everyday writing, you can be quite lazy with your handwriting because it’s usually clear from the context which letter or number you meant, even if it looks like another symbol. This is not the case in mathematics, where letters and numbers are mixed together, and interpreting a symbol incorrectly will lead to errors. You may need to practice writing some symbols more clearly.

The Greek alphabet is also used in mathematics, but I won’t use any Greek letters in this chapter, so you can wait until you start geometry to learn it (see Section 10.1: The Greek Alphabet).

Below is my handwriting of the Roman alphabet, and the ten digits.


$a$ $b$ $c$ $d$ $e$ $f$ $g$ $h$ $i$ $j$ $k$ $l$ $m$
Handdrawn a Handdrawn b Handdrawn c Handdrawn d Handdrawn e Handdrawn f Handdrawn g Handdrawn h Handdrawn i Handdrawn j Handdrawn k Handdrawn l Handdrawn m
$n$ $o$ $p$ $q$ $r$ $s$ $t$ $u$ $v$ $w$ $x$ $y$ $z$
Handdrawn n Handdrawn o Handdrawn p Handdrawn q Handdrawn r Handdrawn s Handdrawn t Handdrawn u Handdrawn v Handdrawn w Handdrawn x Handdrawn y Handdrawn z


$A$ $B$ $C$ $D$ $E$ $F$ $G$ $H$ $I$ $J$ $K$ $L$ $M$
Handdrawn bigA Handdrawn bigB Handdrawn bigC Handdrawn bigD Handdrawn bigE Handdrawn bigF Handdrawn bigG Handdrawn bigH Handdrawn bigI Handdrawn bigJ Handdrawn bigK Handdrawn bigL Handdrawn bigM
$N$ $O$ $P$ $Q$ $R$ $S$ $T$ $U$ $V$ $W$ $X$ $Y$ $Z$
Handdrawn bigN Handdrawn bigO Handdrawn bigP Handdrawn bigQ Handdrawn bigR Handdrawn bigS Handdrawn bigT Handdrawn bigU Handdrawn bigV Handdrawn bigW Handdrawn bigX Handdrawn bigY Handdrawn bigZ


$0$ $1$ $2$ $3$ $4$ $5$ $6$ $7$ $8$ $9$
Handdrawn 0 Handdrawn 1 Handdrawn 2 Handdrawn 3 Handdrawn 4 Handdrawn 5 Handdrawn 6 Handdrawn 7 Handdrawn 8 Handdrawn 9

Note especially:

You may need to practise writing the letters $b$, $l$, $q$, $x$, and $z$, and the numbers $5$ and $9$ in a different way than you’re used to.

Handdrawn b Handdrawn l Handdrawn q Handdrawn x Handdrawn z Handdrawn 5 Handdrawn 9

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